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Virginia Mixson Geraty, L.H.D.

June 9, 1915- November 27, 2004

Virginia Mixson Geraty recorded and preserved the Gullah Language for anthropologists, linguists, dialect geographers, and especially for the African American people whose ancestors developed the language. She wrote and taught courses on the language, published poetry, books and recordings in Gullah and served as a Gullah consultant for several broadcasting and television companies.  Dr. Geraty wrote and produced the 1990 world premiere play of Porgy: A Gullah Version, in Charleston, SC. In recognition of her work in the preservation of Gullah she was awarded the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from the College of Charleston, in Charleston, SC.

BITTLE ‘EN T’ING Gullah Cooking with Maum Chrish’

by Virginia Mixson Geraty

A collection of recipes from South Carolina's Low Country, written in Gullah with English translations.   The recipes are first given in Gullah, then translated into English.   More than a cookbook, it is a tribute to this unique language and to the African-American people whose ancestors used it as a mother tongue. A tribute to a unique language and way of life.

The recipes are related in the voice of "Maum Chrish", a character based on the real Maum Chrish', grandmother of a Yoruba-descended slave.  Maum Chrish' lived in Saint  Paul's Parish, near Charleston, and for many years the author listened to her tales of "ole timey" and enjoyed her Gullah "receets." Now both the tales and the food are woven into this collection of lore from a nearly vanished way of life.   

78 pages. Illustrations. 1992.  

13 ISBN 978-0-87844-107-5/ 10 ISBN 0-87844-107-7, $19.95 (Softcover)

GULLUH FUH OONUH (Gullah for You) A Guide to the Gullah Language

by Virginia Mixson Geraty

An alphabetical collection of Gullah words and phrases that offer tips on pronunciation. The guide is a valuable tool for students and researchers wanting to learn more about the Gullah language.

A study of the only English-derived Creole language in use on the United States mainland, and the unique linguistic contribution of the African-American people to our American heritage. Developing from the blending of the African tribal languages spoken by slaves and the various Creoles and languages spoken in the New World, Gullah attained Creole status during the mid seventeen hundreds, and was learned and used by the second generation of slaves as their mother tongue

110 pages. 1998. 

13 ISBN 978-0-87844-137-2/ 10 ISBN 0-87844-137-9, $19.95 (Softcover)








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