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SOUTH CAROLINA IN THE 1880s: A Gazetteer

by John Hammond Moore

The 1880s were both an end and a beginning.  This quiet but vital decade witnessed the rise of Ben Tillman, the onset of textile-mill culture, and the birth pangs of urban society.  Although the new barons of industry and railroads paid lip service to the Palmetto State's plantation past and its Confederate heritage, soil and sentiment seldom had much impact upon their policies and programs.

No one has documented these sweeping changes more eloquently than the staff of South Carolina's leading newspaper of the 1880s, Charleston's News and Courier.  Roaming the state in search of news, readers and advertising dollars, various reporters wrote penetrating portraits of towns and cities, large and small.  From Abbeville to Georgetown, Port Royal, and York.

Forty four articles from Charleston’s News and Courier which depict the growth and change that took place in the 1880s.

342 pages. B/w photos. 1989. Sandlapper.

, ISBN 13: 978-0-87844-069-8/ISBN 10: 0-87844-069-0,

Hardcover $14.95


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