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Nancy Roberts (1924-2008)

"First Lady of American Folklore"

Nancy Roberts was an Author, Storyteller, and Minister. Born in South Milwaukee, WI, she was a graduate of Saint Mary's Academy in Raleigh, NC and received a degree in Comparative Literature from the University of North Carolina.  While writing ghost stories for the Charlotte Observer, she was encouraged by Carl Sandburg to publish her stories as a book.  She and her husband served as pastors of the Overcomers' Church and being an ordained minister, she was proud of this achievement.

With twenty-five books to her credit,  Nancy delights readers with her ghost stories and southern folklore. Her books have collectively sold over a million copies. A storyteller dedicated to inspiring students to read, she performed at seminars, on radio and television, and at hundreds of schools and libraries across the South.   She was a member of the National Storytelling Association and appeared in costume for her storytelling performances. Her stories are based upon personal interviews, many hours of research at the Library of Congress and the places where the stories happened. 

"Whether you believe in ghosts or not--these stories are true. Or at least the people interviewed believe they have seen ghosts." ...Nancy Roberts.


Seventeen ghost stories associated with historically important locations in the United States including Fort Ticonderoga, Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry, and the Comstock Lode.   The historic sites are haunted by the spirits of those that helped to make each of the places famous.

124 pages. B/w photos. 1974. First Softcover edition 1987.

ISBN 13: 978-0-87844-074-0/ISBN 10: 0-87844-074-7

Softcover $14.95




  1. The King's Messengers

  2. The Ghost of Fort Ticonderoga

  3. The Ghost Hand of Skene Manor

  4. The Ghost of Gettysburg (from the Diary of a Union Officer)

  5. The Haunting of Valley Forge

  6. Buried Treasure in the Haunted Woods of the Chesapeake

  7. Back frm the Dead at Harpers Ferry

  8. The Ghost of the Army of Northern Virginia

  9. The Specters of Thalian Hall

  10. Alice Still Walks the Hermitage

  11. The Bell Witch of Tennessee

  12. The Phantom Riverboats of the Mississippi

  13. The Blue Lady of New Mexico and Arizona

  14. The Ghost of Comstock Lode

  15. Theodosia and the Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

  16. Pelican Inn

  17. Angelic Voices





For Young Readers

A collection of stories describing ghostly apparitions and happenings in the Deep South. The stories include The Ghosts of Captain Flint, The Dance of the Ghosts, The Haunted Plantation House, The Gray Man's Warning, The Little People, Ghosts of the Old Gold Mine, Specter of the Spanish Castle, Ghost of the Spanish Castle, The Ghost Dog and Joe Baldwin's Light.  More info...

93 pages. B/w photos. 1974.

ISBN 13: 978-0-87844-058-0/ISBN 10: 0-87844-058-5,

Softcover $12.95





Thirteen chilling accounts of ghostly visitors.

The Eternal Dinner Party (Savannah, GA), President Carter's Haunted House (Plains, GA), The Van Landingham Ghost (Charlotte, NC), The Brown Mountain Lights (NC Blue Ridge Mountains), The Curse of the Egyptian Tomb (Georgetown, SC). Railroad Bill (Alabama),    Ghost of the Old Fort (Charleston, SC), The Ghosts of Elizabeth Routt (Alabama), The Ghost on Park Road, Phantom Rider of the Shenandoah (Virginia), The Ghost of Marse Joel (Georgia), Specter of the Sorrel Stallion (Georgia), The Girl on the Rock at Tocca Falls (Georgia)

 86 pages. B/w photos. 1979.

ISBN 10: 0-87844-075-5/ISBN 13: 0-87844-075-7

Softcover  $12.95