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Relics & Reminiscing: Diary of a Lowcountry Digger

by Richard Walker

The result of more than thirty years of relic hunting, there is something for everyone

between these pages, whether you are a

beginner or a veteran digger.  Follow the

author through pictures and stories as he takes you on a journey to a time when English

settlers called their new home Charles Towne,

a time when Colonists and later Confederates fought along the rivers, swamps and coastal regions of the South Carolina Lowcountry.

152 pages. Over 100 color photos.

ISBN 978-0-615-14806-9/Hardcover $19.95


Book  Review

From the book:

With more than 300 years of South Carolina history, I've focused my efforts to preserve artifacts from the three centuries with equal enthusiasm.  True, much of the work centers on Sherman's battles and the numerous Federal efforts to invade the Lowcountry during the War Between the States.  But also, much effort has been made to preserve the sites that not only defined a people but also tell a story, a story of new beginnings and new hope in a

New World.

When a single artifact is recovered, we extend to future generations an open hand bearing the knowledge that their freedom didn't come cheaply.  It came with a price, a price paid long ago in the swamps and marshes and fields of

the South Carolina Lowcountry.


About the author:

Richard Walker is an award-winning journalist for the Times and Democrat, a daily newspaper in Orangeburg, SC.  His work served as the backbone for the T & D winning the 2003 "Best of the Best" award.  Walker's minute-by-minute coverage during the Palmetto State's longest police/hostage standoff took the readers from their living rooms to the law enforcement command post and inside the thoughts and prayers of the hostage's family.

A former re-enactor with the 13th and 25th South Carolina Volunteers, the author has penned several articles for national magazines.  Using the same storytelling ability that is found in those articles and his work as a journalist in the criminal courts, he brings you "Relics and Reminiscing."

While not swinging a metal detector, the author is an Elvis fan who enjoys riding his antique Triumph Bonneville motorcycle or restoring antique Coleman lanterns. 

He has two children, Ansley and Collin.


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