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Kate Salley Palmer

A native of Orangeburg and a graduate of the University of South Carolina. She began her career as an artist at Clemson University’s Media Center and then taught elementary school in Oconee (6th grade) and Pickens (art) Counties. In the late 1970’s Kate began her career as an editorial cartoonist with The Greenville News – the first full-time staff cartoonist in the state of South Carolina. She was one of only two women nationally syndicated in over 200 newspapers, and in 1981 Kate won the Freedom Foundation’s Award for Editorial Cartooning. She visits schools around the Southeast and is a regular speaker at various regional teacher conferences, writer’s workshops and book festivals.   Kate lives in Clemson with her husband, Jim. 

   Contact: kspalmer@aol.com






Written by  Jim and Kate Salley Palmer

Over 30 tribes of native people lived in present-day South Carolina before European contact in the 16th century.  This book describes and illustrates how they lived as recorded by European explorers.  Native culture varied between the different regions of the state in terms of ancestral origin and dialects, but similarities existed for crops produced and gathered, game hunted, various celebrations and ceremonies and for the way they interacted with their neighbors.

The illustrations vividly depict how native people lived in harmony with their environment before their way of life was disrupted and their population was greatly diminished.

32 pages. May 10, 2013.

ISBN 978-096671-147-9

Softcover $14.95 




 Black Patriots of the American Revolution

Written and illustrated by  Kate Salley Palmer

During the American Revolution, over 5000 African Americans fought in George
Washington's Continental Army.  In the northern colonies slaves and free men fought alongside their white neighbors in many of the important battles against the British, while in the South very few slaves were allowed to carry weapons.  One southern leader who was the exception was Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, who had both African Americans and Native Americans in his brigade. 

In this colorful new book, Kate Salley Palmer has researched  and written about over 25 black patriots who made significant contributions to the cause for independence from Great Britain.

ISBN: 0-9667114-6-2        


Publisher: Warbranch Press, Inc.
Year: 2008
Pages: 56
Illustrations: Watercolor pencil and gouache
Reading level: Grades 3-8
Retail price: $11.95





Written by Kate Salley Palmer

Illustrated by James Palmer

Explore the life of Francis Marion and the tremendous impact he had on the course of that war - both statewide and nationally! Marions successful campaign of ambushes, hit-and-run attacks, and supply line disruptions made life difficult for British and Loyalist forces in South Carolina, and to some extent it prevented them from making a "clean sweep" through the rest of the colonies, as they intended.

Grade level: 3-8

60 pages. 2005.


Softcover. ISBN 10: 0-9667114-5-0            ISBN13: 978-096671-145-5

About the Illustrator:

James Palmer, is the son of Kate and Jim Palmer.  He served as co-producer, writer and illustrator of  Chasing the Swamp Fox   




Written and illustrated by Kate Salley Palmer

This story is about the first important Revolutionary War victory over the British in the South. It occurred on June 28, 1776, exactly one week before the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. From a hastily built little fort made of palmetto logs and beach sand on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina patriots defeated a heavily armed British fleet determined to take Charleston for the King of England. The British fired their cannons from close range, but most cannonballs simply sank into the spongy palmetto logs and sand and did very little damage to the fort or the soldiers inside. Carefully aiming their cannons, the soldiers of South Carolina's Second Regiment, commanded by Col. William Moultrie, did great damage to the British ships and the fleet had to sail away in shambles. After the battle, the palmetto tree was adopted as the state tree and prominently featured on South Carolina's beautiful state flag.38 pages.

ISBN 13: 9780966711448              ISBN 10: 9780966711440
Publisher: Warbranch Press, Inc.
Acrylic paint and watercolor
Reading level: Grades 3-5
Retail price: $10.95





Written and illustrated by Kate Salley  Palmer

The Pink House is an illustrated story of a family vacation to Edisto Beach, SC. The story is told by one of the cousins, and is a warm account of one day when all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and even Grandma, come to the "Pink House" where they swim, go fishing with Uncle Jim, hunt for petrified shark's teeth with Aunt Margaret, sing songs with Aunt Kate, read books, eat the fish and crabs caught in the surf, play games, and then go to bed to await what surprises are washed up by the surf the next day.

36 pages.

ISBN: 978-06671-141-7
Publisher: Warbranch Press, Inc. Year Published: 1999
Illustrations: Colored pencil
Reading level: Grades K-5
Retail Price: