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Idella  Bodie

Idella Bodie retired as a high school English and Creative Writing teacher from South Aiken High School in 1985 after teaching for 31 years. Mrs. Bodie has been writing for young readers for nearly forty  years. Her first book, The Secret of Telfair Inn, published in 1971 by Sandlapper Publishing is still in print.  She is now the author of 26 books for upper elementary and middle school students.  Her books involve South Carolina history and geography and have been incorporated into school curriculums  across South Carolina.  She completed a series about heroes and heroines of the Revolutionary War after eight and a half years of researching and writing.

Mrs. Bodie says she writes about more than historical places in South Carolina. “I always try to focus on the people when I write about history,” she said. “Character is the most important thing."

Idella Bodie was born in Ridge Spring, South Carolina.  She holds a degree in English from Columbia College. She is a contributor to Highlights, Cricket, Mature Living and to Guideposts Magazine, She is listed in Gale’s Something About the Author (volumes 12 and 89), which can be found in the research section of public libraries. 

Awards and honors include:

  • Three of her books have been South Carolina Book Award nominees.
  • A 1980 winner of the Guideposts National Writing Competition
  • The Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution honored her for the Heroes and Heroines of the American Revolution series.
  • South Aiken High School has a writing award in her honor.
  • Her Alma Mater, Columbia College, presented her the Wil Lou Gray Outstanding Educator Award in 1988, and Toastmasters, the International Communication Award.
  • South Carolina Library gave her a lifetime membership for the preservation of South Carolina's literary heritage.
  • Honored as “Pickens-Salley Southern Woman of Distinction” by USC Aiken

To contact Idella Bodie email: ibodie@bellsouth.net


Now available

A Story of a Girl's Journey







Rachel's story shares the gripping reality of a child's life forever changed by the harshness of the world and teaches the lessons of forgiveness and understanding....Rachel Johnson, The Aiken Standard.

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RACHEL’S STORY by Idella Bodie

In the colonial period of South Carolina’s history, many settlers traveled down the Great Wagon Road to join other families headed toward a new life. Land was free. Settlers could simply stake a claim. The problem was,  Native Americans already lived on these lands.  The  belief was the land belonged to the Great Holy Mystery and it could not be owned—it was to be shared by people and animals. Some tribes attacked the settlers who came to cut down trees and build homes.  

Rachel and her family journey down the Great Wagon Road to join their relatives in South Carolina and start a new life.  When their wagon breaks down and her family is attacked by Native Americans, Rachel finds herself forced to live without her parents.  This historical novel is based upon actual events and shares an important moral message along with teaching about the challenges of the colonial period.

This is Rachel’s story.

• 64 pages. • Paperback • ISBN 978-0-87844-189-1

Softcover  $10.95

This series of twelve biographies spotlight men and women whose acts of bravery during America’s Revolutionary War contributed to the end of British rule in the colonies. These stories portray individuals who lived in South Carolina or in some way served in the 137 battles fought in South Carolina. The books are suitable for grades three to eight. Each illustrated volume includes a map, glossary, bibliography, and suggested classroom activities.   More info...














  • Winner of the Outstanding Patriot Award from the Cambridge Chapter of the South Carolina Chapter of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.
  • Winner of  a Certificate Award for Excellence in Community Service from the South Carolina Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution


    Historical Fiction









Illustrations by Louise Yancey
Marcy and Phil Dunlap come with their parents from the North to Aiken, where their father is doing historical research. The family stays at Telfair Inn (patterned after the Willcox), which is in a state of dilapidation.

More info....








An entertaining story that offers some island history and an introduction to the Gullah dialect

More info...







A mystery set in Historic Charleston. More info...

Illustrations by Gay Haff Kovach

A class tour to the South Carolina State House. More info...

Illustrations by Gay Haff  Kovach

A group of young friends reenact the 1781 battle at Star Fort on the actual battleground.   More info...

Trouble at Star Fort Activities Guide (pdf)









Suspenseful adventure of three kids stranded on Lake Murray with an escaped convict.  More info...








SOUTH CAROLINA WOMEN: Revised and Expanded
Profiles fifty-one "Palmetto" women, from colonial  to current times.  Written to appeal to readers of all ages, the book is especially intended to help young people appreciate the contributions women have made to this state and the nation. More info...








CAROLINA GIRL: A Writer's Beginning
An entertaining account of "one writer's beginning." More info...


     Fiction for young readers

  Illustrations by Gay Haff Kovach
Howard McDougal finds school boring, especially with strict Miss Lail who taught his father. 
More info..

A Creative Writing Teacher's Guide to WHOPPER

The purpose of this guide is to assist in incorporating the teaching and creative writing into the language arts curriculum.  More info..








GHOST TALES for Retelling
Twenty seven spine tingling scary stories short enough to remember and retell. More info...








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Books by Idella Bodie are available at bookstores, gift shops, museums,  schools, libraries and online booksellers.

Idella Bodie was honored as “Pickens-Salley Southern Woman of Distinction” by USC Aiken  Click to read.

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This site contains an Institute of Children's Literature interview between Kristi Holl    and Idella Bodie. Interview

This site contains an article by Bodie giving advice on how to write for a target audience Writer's Advice  

      "This lady

knows how to get

 and keep a

reader’s attention, proclaimed the Marietta (GA)

Daily  Journal in

its praise of

Idella Bodies

first book, The

Secret of Telfair

 Inn (1971).  

      Her characters are as real and believable as the

 kids next door—

and just as prone

to get into unusual situations. . .. If you’re weary of

books that have

 no more

substance than chewing gum and

your children are leery of


books that preach

and drag drearily

to a predictable conclusion,

sample one of

Ms. Bodie’s

books,  the

Journal wrote




















































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