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Henry Woodward of Carolina, SURGEON, TRADER, INDIAN CHIEF

Written by William O. Steele

Illustrated by Hoyt Simmons

July 1666, Henry Woodward stood on a hot Carolina beach watching the ship bearing his companions disappear over the horizon.  A solitary Englishman, alone in the New World, his destiny to the hands of a savage Indian tribe__what could the future hold?

Adventure and discovery, daring missions, and narrow escapes lay ahead for this brave English surgeon.  Where no white man had ever been,  Henry Woodward dared, living by his wits and his imagination.  Captured by the Spanish and spirited away to St. Augustine, he escaped aboard a pirate vessel and returned to lead the first English settlers to Carolina.  Playing a vital role in the new colony, he risked his life time and again, venturing alone among the fiercest and most-feared Indians in Carolina.

96 pages. 9780878441907, $12.95 Softcover

This book is an exact reprint of the original edition published in 1972.

About the author:

William O. Steele (1917-1979) was an award-winning author who loved the outdoors, particularly his own homeplace, and learning about those early Americans who hiked the same woods and fields.  During his career, Steele published thirty-nine books.


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