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CAROLINA ROCKS! The Geology of South Carolina

by Carolyn Hanna Murphy

A comprehensive study of the many layers of sand, clay, and rock that make up the Palmetto state. Examines the geologic history of the state and lists geology resources and references. 

Carolina Rocks contains over 130 pictures, diagrams and maps of geologic features found in South Carolina.  Several of the chapters contain lists of sites to visit such as rock outcroppings, waterfalls and fossil digs.  The book provides a section listing geology resources such as museums, rock shops, education agencies, science clubs, associations, magazines and books.  The glossary contains over 250 terms  and the index is detailed with hundreds of entries.

Carolina Rocks is a supplemental science text that will allow students access to information regarding their own state to both inform and reinforce the general principles of geology.  Because the content of the book lends itself to interdisciplinary studies, it can be used in part as a whole to reinforce content areas including social studies, geography, history, economics, reading, math, and other sciences.  Parts of the book, such as the chapters on the Carolina Bays and the Formation of South Carolina, illustrate the nature of theory and how it developed over time.  Discussions regarding such topics will enhance the exploratory attitude within the students and assist them to think critically and work independently to seek answers to scientific questions.

Carolina Rocks is designed to mesh with the South Carolina Maps and Aerial Photographic Systems, already published and in use in many schools.  The book can be used to encourage students to conduct research on topics of interest to them and facilitate field trips led by either the individual students, teachers, parents or clubs.  If students become more knowledgeable about the geology of South Carolina, they will better understand and care about environmental issues.  This in turn will foster development of informed citizens who will better serve the needs of South Carolina and  more fully enjoy its natural beauty.

"...exceptional reading for all...Clearly, Murphy's effort to inspire budding earth scientists and to interest the professional geologists has been successful." __M. S. Field, US Environmental Protection Agency, for CHOICE

Ages 13 and up (Grade 8). Glossary, Index. Bibliography. 261 pages.  B/w photographs. Color insert. (1995). 2006.

Softcover, ISBN 13: 978-0-87844-121-1/ISBN 10: 0-87844-121-2, $22.95

About the author:
Carolyn Hanna Murphy, a native of California, has lived in South Carolina for more than twenty years.  She holds a BS in education from Georgia State University and a Masters degree in community education and a doctorate in Education from the University of South Carolina.  Ms. Murphy is a member of the National Association of Geology Teachers, the Geological Society of America, the National Association of Science Teachers, and the South Carolina Science Council.  Her interests include rock and fossil collection, religious studies, travel, photography, and gardening.


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