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"If you walk the beach at Huntington Beach State Park, and dark clouds come in from the sea, and the color of the ocean changes from blue to gray, and the surface of the water turns choppy, and the soft warm air turns to chill, listen. You may hear the voice of Bryan.  It's during the storms on that beach that he comes back, still begging someone to release him from the claws of the stone crab.....The Crab Boys


Nancy Rhyne introduces children to the heritage of their area through local folklore and legends that are designed to inspire children to learn about their own surroundings as well as to entertain them with delightful stories of children, much like themselves, caught in some very unusual circumstances.


Written by Nancy Rhyne

Includes "The Ghost of the Crab Boy"


150 pages.

Ages 10 to adult.

13 ISBN 978-0-87844-183-9

10 ISBN 0-87844-183-2

Softcover $6.95 

     Life along the South Carolina coast offers an abundance of wildlife and activities.

     Ten-year-old Rhett Gingyard and eleven-year-old Gaffney Dorn live on The Barony.  Rhett's father serves as superintendent and Gaff's father as game warden.  This story takes place around 1947. 

     Dubbed "the crab boys" by folks living in the region, the two friends face adventure and danger as they confront copperheads, wild boars, hungry octopus tentacles, the incredible trap-like claws of the stone crab, rising tides, and sunken Civil War blockade runners. While eavesdropping on a conversation between estate owner John Blackhall and General George Marshall about the atomic bomb, the boys decide just what they'll do with their newfound treasure.

These enjoyable, engaging, compelling stories are based on real life events from the WPA narratives.


 The Crab Boys PDF Flyer



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