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Gerald F. Teaster is a native of Spartanburg County, South Carolina and is a graduate of Pacolet High School. He is a licensed, Professional Engineer with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of South Carolina. He has worked in private industry, technical education, and the U.S. Department of Defense with the Army Missile Command, the Air Force, and the Navy. His experience with the U.S. Navy included 20 years of working on submarines, submarine tenders, destroyer tenders and other ships around the world. He was the Chairman of the Engineering Technology Division and Department Head for Mechanical Engineering Technology at what is now Trident Technical College in Charleston, SC. While there, he was in charge of designing and helping supervise the construction of full size replicas of both the Confederate submarine H.L Hunley and the Confederate torpedo boat CSS David. He has written several books on these vessels and other topics concerning South Carolina military history. Presently, he is one of the owners and Director of Engineering for AJT Enterprises, Inc., a company involved in innovative methods of environmental cleanup.

Spirit Up the People - Four Days to the Cowpens

by Gerald Teaster
This new book, for young people, tells the story of the Battle of Cowpens and the events of the days just before the battle. Cowpens, in South Carolina, was one of the most important battles in the American Revolutionary War. The story of this battle and the events leading up to it are told through the eyes of three Upcountry children and their families. Two of these families were Patriots, or Whigs, who were in favor of gaining independence. The other family was Loyalist, or Tory, who supported the British efforts. The children and their families are fictional but the details relating to the battle are very real.

This book tries to capture what it must have been like to the people caught up in the events leading up to and surrounding the battle. Two large armies were traveling through the sparsely settled Carolina Upcountry. These armies generated fear, hope, excitement and dread throughout the population, adults and children alike.

The 236 page book is richly illustrated. It has 38 detailed illustrations, five maps and a Glossary explaining people, places, creeks and rivers and battles.

Softcover, ISBN 0-9744556-2-8, $12.95


The Story of the Confederate Submarine H. L. Hunley  

by Gerald Teaster

This book tells the story of the Hunley, the world’s first successful submarine. It is written for both adults and younger readers that have a serious interest in the submarine. The book is fully illustrated with both drawings and photographs. It describes:
Why and where it was built and who the builders were.
Why and how it came to Charleston.
What it was like to take a cruise on the little submarine.
How it worked and what the different parts of the sub were.
What disasters happened to the subs and its crews.
How it sank the USS Housatonic and what became of the crews.
How it was lost and then found after 131 years.
How it was recovered.
What has been found in the recovered submarine.
How the sub is different than previously thought.
Why the sub has been surrounded by controversy that still continues.
How the Hunley changed naval warfare forever.

80 pages. 2004. Softcover,

ISBN 13: 978-0-9744556-0-0,ISBN 10: 0-9744556-0-1, $12.95**

The Confederate Steam Torpedo Boat CSS DAVID

by Gerald Teaster
This book tells the exciting story of the CSS David. The David was built in Moncks Corner in South Carolina and was the first ship to explode a torpedo against an enemy warship. It was a new, innovative vessel that helped change warfare. The book has many photographs and drawings and answers the following:
Why it was built in South Carolina.
How it worked and what its different parts were.
What it was like to take a cruise on the little boat.
How many crew members it had and what they did.
How it was different than any ship ever built before, anywhere in the world.
How it attacked the USS New Ironsides, most powerful ship in the world, at that time.
What happened to it after the Ironsides attack.
How many David type boats were built and what happened to them.
44 Pages. 2005.

Softcover, ISBN 13: 978-0-9744556-1-7, ISBN 10: 0-9744556-1-x, $9.95


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